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Helix delta-$ Share Portfolio Manager

Helix delta-$ is also a powerful Share Portfolio Manager. This section of the program allows you to setup any number of share portfolios and then to record transactions relating to the shares or unit trusts such as share purchases, sale of shares and dividends received. You can also enter a current share price in the Watch List section, or download these from the Internet if you wish, and then at the click of a button you can view the current value of any portfolio. This current value is shown against the average weighted cost of the shares and so you can determine at a glance which shares are performing well and which ones are not. The program will automatically calculate the current number of shares held, including shares obtained in multiple transactions at different prices and also under Dividend Re-Investment Plans. You can also view a summary report of all Dividends received for a particular portfolio, from any date to any date, and print reports for use in calculating Dividend Income and Tax Imputation Credits.

At the click of a button, you can transfer individual shares or the whole share portfolio to the Investment Analysis Section of the program, where the performance of the investment will be analysed. Calculations include options for Capital Gains Tax allowances, Brokerage, Tax and Duty etc, and the cash flow which would result if the shares were sold today, at the current share price, including all dividends received, are automatically included. The program then calculates the cumulative cash flows, discounted cash flows, Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return of the investment or portfolio. These results can be viewed or printed in report form, and graphs of all these items are also included.

Helix delta-$ also has number of Financial Calculators built in such as a Loan Calculator which can be used to calculate re-payment of loans, as well as a Depreciation Calculator.

You can also monitor actual returns on bank accounts and other investments, deposits and loans. Merely enter the opening balance, all transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, bank charges and the closing balance of the account, and delta-$ will calculate the actual return you are being paid on the investment. This feature allows you to compare the performance of your bank accounts and check the interest received or interest paid by you, even on a daily balance calculation method.

In short, if you are about to invest money, or if you already have money invested, delta-$ will help you to invest and manage it in the most profitable option for you. Delta-$ will save you money, and probably more importantly, help you to make more money.

Share portfolio functions include ….
  • Calculates Average Cost of Shares
  • Includes Dividend Reinvestment Plan Shares
  • Watch List for Current Share Prices
  • Download Current Share prices from the Internet - for free
  • Automatic addition of Brokerage, Tax and Stamp Duty
Share Price Watch List Includes a Share price watch list for you to record current share prices. Insert prices form any source such as a newspaper or download the current prices free from the Stock Exchange at the click of a button.
Generate, View and Print Reports for...
  • Share Purchase Transactions for each portfolio
  • Share Sell Transactions for each portfolio
  • Dividends Received from date to date
  • Trading History Reports including Profit / Loss Calculations
  • Current Portfolio Value Report
  • Generate Graphs for many of the functions.
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Delta-$ Makes record keeping for Tax and Accounting purposes easy

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