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New Network License versions of Helix delta-T6 Conveyor program added to portfolio including DEM Chute Design and Pulley Shaft Design programs

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Helix - Technical Training

We provide technical training for all our software products including Conveyor Design Pipe System Design and Chute Design. The course outline shown below is for the Helix delta-T sofware. Please contact us for a quotation if you require training.

Technical Training for Helix delta-T software

We can offer staff training which covers the following:

Static Conveyor Design

  • Installation of software
  • Building a Basic Conveyor model in Delta-T6
  • Using Equipment Database
  • Equipment Selection for Belts, Motors, Gearboxes, Brakes, Fluid Couplings, Idlers, Holdbacks, Shaft Couplings, Pulleys and Shafts.
  • Rationalising Belts, Pulleys, Drives for optimum spares holding
  • Setting optimum Takeup mass / tension for drive traction, analysing belt slip
  • Vertical and Horizontal Curve Design
  • Pulley and Shaft Deflection calculations
  • Idler Bearing life and shaft deflection calculations
  • Skirt, Hopper and Belt Feeder Pull-out forces
  • Discharge Trajectories
  • Starting methods and settings for Fluid Couplings, VVVF Drives, Wound Rotor Motors and the effect on the conveyor
  • Braking and stopping conveyors
  • Flywheels and Inertia effects
  • Conveyor Holdbacks Horizontal Curve Design
  • Using Helix delta-T CSV files to draw belt drift graphs in Excel

Horizontal Curve Calculations

  • Horizontal Curves & Belt Drift Theory
  • Calculating Banking Angle for Fixed Belt Drift
  • Calculating Belt Drift for fixed Banking Angle
  • Belt Edge Tension Rise due to curvature
  • Horizontal Curve Reports

Dynamic Analysis

  • Belt Data Input, Damping Factors
  • Torque Speed Starting
  • Velocity Ramp Starting
  • Dynamic Calculations
  • Delay times, Flywheels, backstops
  • Dynamic graphs - interpretation
  • Fine tuning design
  • Velocity Ramp Braking Control
  • Constant Torque Brakes
  • Variable Torque Brakes
  • Dynamic Holdback force calculations
  • Dynamic analysis report compilation, including sample reports.

The Training course covers both theoretical content and provides formulae and techniques used to arrive at the answers, but it also uses a real conveyor model which can be one that delegates are all familiar with.

The duration of the training is usually two days to cover the subjects listed above, including the Dynamic Analysis module. At the end of the training course, the delegates will have completed the design of a number of different conveyors and this design can be applied to real jobs, so that progress is made on an actual design project.


The cost of the training course depends on where it is held. We can provide a fixed price on request. The price includes the provision of software for up to eight delegates for the training course. The offer does not include provision of a training venue or provision of computers for the training, or for travel and accommodation expenses for the trainer or for the delegates.

You can download a copy of the Helix delta-T6 Training Course outline   in PDF file format.

Please feel free to contact us should you require any further information.

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